The University of Arizona

The Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale

The Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale (LEAS) is a performance measure that assesses an individual’s ability to be aware his or her emotions. Emotional awareness is conceptualized as a cognitive skill that varies between individuals in the degree to which it has developed. People vary from one another in their typical level of emotional awareness. The five levels of emotional awareness are: 1) physical sensations, 2) action tendencies, 3) single emotions, 4) blends of emotions, and 5) blends of blends of emotions. The scale poses evocative interpersonal situations and elicits open-ended descriptions of the emotional responses of self and others which are scored using specific structural criteria applied to the emotion words used in the responses.

The LEAS has been used extensively, both by Dr. Lane and other researchers bibliographies available here, a children’s version has been created (LEAS-C), and to date the LEAS has been translated into 8 languages.


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